Pachamama Eco Park

Viveiro Botanical Garden & Zoo di terra

Pachamama Eco Park - Viveiro Cabo Verde

Have you ever been in real HARMONY with Nature?
Do you even know how to feel connected with it?

At the Pachamama Ecopark, you can enjoy colours, shapes and smells of the Flora from Cabo Verde, while surrounded by (rescued) animals that live in the space.

The harmony between plants, animals and humans is our greatest pride and joy. Our goal is to remind You that WE ARE CONNECTED. We will be happy if you, even for just a second, feel that connection.

A magical place where the impossible IS possible


Producing plants on the island of Sal since 2007, Viveiro can offer over 150 species, all grown using a drop by drop system and recycled water produced on the island. It can also provide various garden services, but the first know-how is Golf Course making!


We are on the driest of the 10 islands of Cabo Verde: if you drive around Sal you'll notice it's completely barren and flat.
Willing to pick on your curiosity, we created a glimpse into "the Real Cabo Verde": at the garden you can know the flora & Fauna; at the bar you can taste typical juices and snacks of the islands...and if you're interested, we are happy to share information and histories about the islands.


How to create a real OASIS in the middle of the desert, in a sustainable way?
When you simply don't have water, you HAVE TO find an alternative! That's why we only use Solar energy and recycled water. We avoid any kind of "single use" plastic, we try to transform everything, avoiding creating litter. Being Sustainable is easier than you think: you just have to change some of your habits.

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